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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the benefit of purchasing a vending machine in used condition versus new condition?
A: The benefit of purchasing a vending machine in used condition versus new condition is more money in your pocket! Vending machines in new condition cost approximately three times more than a used vending machine from K & K Vending and Distributing, Inc. Purchasing used machines from K & K Vending and Distributing, Inc. is never a gamble because we offer the same ONE YEAR WARRANTY on all of our used equipment that most manufacturers offer on new equipment. We confidently stand behind our warranty because we sell quality products that are user-friendly and parts are readily available so you have nothing to lose and more profits to gain.
Q: What is the difference between refurbished and non-refurbished vending machines?
A: Refurbished vending machines are machines that have been gently used and have been cleaned and tested thoroughly, new paint inside and outside, new sign front, and new vinyl where applicable. Refurbished vending machines are sold at a higher price due to the amount of labor and materials involved to make these aesthetic improvements. Non-refurbished vending machines are also machines that have been gently used and have been cleaned and tested thoroughly. They may or may not have minor cosmetic blemishes. These blemishes are not considered damage, they consist of minor scratches or dimples in the surface of the machine. As a result, we are able to offer these machines at a great price so you can maximize your profitability. Whichever you choose, refurbished or non-refurbished vending machines, you can rest assured that K & K Vending and Distributing, Inc. stands behind our equipment with our ONE YEAR WARRANTY.
Q: What is the difference between a single price vending machine and a multi-price vending machine?
A: A single price vending machine can be set at one price only. This means that each of the selections in the machine must be the same price. A multi-price vending machine has the capability to have each selection set at the same or a different price, allowing greater flexibility in the products vended. 
Q: Is it worth the money to have a vending machine delivered or moved?
A: Absolutely. Vending machines weigh approximately 400-900 lbs empty. Unless you have the correct moving equipment and experience, it is not recommended to attempt to move a machine to avoid injury or possible death. It is worth every penny to have the experts do all the heavy lifting and delivering.
Q: What is the approximate monthly electrical cost of a vending machine?
A: The average soda vending machine costs approximately $12 to $16 per month in electricity to run. Think of it as a refrigerator that rarely gets opened. Ambient snack vending machines cost even less because they do not have a cooling unit, so they draw much less electricity.

Trouble Shooting

Coins fall straight through to the coin return when inserted or the machine will not accept dollars:
Check the power supply to the machine. Is the machine plugged into the wall outlet?
Check the wall outlet for power. Did a breaker trip?
Make sure there are products in the vending machine.
Check the coin mechanism to ensure the coin tubes are at least halfway full of quarters, dimes and nickels. The machine will not take coins or dollars if any of these coins are low or out because it does not have any change to give back.
Check the power supply of the coin mechanism and the dollar bill acceptor, make sure it is plugged into the vending machine.
Check the coin chute and coin mechanism for jammed or bent coin(s)
Check the dollar bill acceptor for a stuck or torn dollar.
The coin mechanism or dollar bill sensors may be dirty or faulty.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting tips have solved your problem(s). If not, give K & K Vending and Distributing, Inc. a call today to schedule an appointment for a service call.


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